Adrian Vega

Adrian Vega- Store Manager

Store Manager

Bicycles have always fascinated me. They've transformed from unbelievable gifts from Santa, into a lifestyle. Those early days struggling and always trying to keep up with my eldest brother in the hills of Ojai, Ca have forever shaped me. My roots will always be in mountain biking, and I've enjoy most everything on two wheels. Pedal power or internal combustion, they are vessels for adventure and friendships. I've worked with bikes since my college years and have always enjoyed working hands on. I've arrived at Helen's via The Trek Store of Ventura where I held the Service Manager position for several years. I'm excited to share and experience the rich history Helen's Cycles has provided for good people and their bikes. It will be another memorable ride.

Melody Wang

Melody Wang- Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager

During my last year at UCLA I rented a sweet, simple, cute, adorable, relaxed little hybrid to get around campus. I ended up riding that sweet, simple, cute, adorable, relaxed little hybrid like I was out to win le Tour de France. Somehow the need to go as fast as I could led me to the UCLA Bike Shop where I had the opportunity to train as a mechanic. I knew this hobby was trouble but it was only after strange tanlines, a $4,000 road bike, and this assistant manager position did I realize... I was royally screwed.

Gilberto Quintanilla

Gilberto Quintanilla

Service Manager

As there were always bikes in my households, they've always been a part of my life. My father used to work for Helen's as a mechanic, so I spent my time after school with him at work. Without knowing it, bikes slowly became a big part of my life. My development as a mechanic was natural... since I was good at breaking bikes as a kid, I became good at fixing them as well.

Nick Scott

Nick Scott


At age three, my parents threw me on a trike. I pedaled my way until the training wheels came off at age four. I always knew why I loved to ride but I never knew where it would take me. Fast forward thirteen years and Helen's answered part of that question. A year later at my first job and I only wonder where those two wheels will take me next.

Camila Quintanilla

Camila Quintanilla


It's quite simple— cycling brings more goodness to me than anything ever has. When I was 16, I entered a dark place in my life. I became reckless, irresponsible, a poor decision maker… On my 19th birthday I spontaneously asked my aunt and uncle for a bike and my life changed after that. I started riding and that dark place faded. I met the warrior within, and when I found happiness, everything started to make sense. ...When I am riding I am happy, I am at peace, I am united with myself, I am working, I am ALIVE. At almost 23 my biggest priority is to live and that is what cycling brings to me.

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