Fitting is very beneficial to every type of bicycle rider.  From cruising along the boardwalk to racing in the Tour of California, proper position on your bike will only make you more comfortable and more efficient.

At Helen's Cycles we provide several types and degrees of bicycle fitting.

  • New Bike Sizing
  • FREE
  • With the purchase of your new bike from any Helen's Cycles location or I. Martin Bicycles, we will help size the bike to you in order to obtain a comfortable and efficient position.
  • Aerobar Fit
  • $30
  • In order to maintain power and comfort while also being as aerodynamic as possible, we adjust the fore and aft position as well as the height of the aerobars.
  • Recommendations on possible change in stem length, saddle, and seatpost are commonly involved.
  • Please allow approximately 30 minutes for this fitting.
  • Appointments are required.
  • Cleat Adjustment
  • $30
  • Are your knees, hips, or ankles bugging you? Believe it or not, your cleat position could be the problem. Improper cleat adjustment can completely undermine the advantages of cleats. If the ball of the foot is not over the pedal spindle, or the leg is forced into an unnatural twist, you not only compromise performance but risk knee injury.
  • Bring in your bike and shoes, we'll do the rest.
  • Please allow approximately 30 minutes for this fitting.
  • Appointments are required.
  • Bike Fit
  • $95
  • A full bike fit is quite the process. One of our professional fitters will thoroughly address your fit on the bike; adjusting the saddle, seapost, handlebars, and hoods in order to create an optimal riding position that is comfortable, efficient, and most importantly aimed at preventing injury.
  • Recommendations on possible change in handlebar width, stem length, and seatpost are commonly involved.
  • Bring your bike, cycling clothing, and don't forget your shoes!
  • Please allow approximately 1 hour for this fitting.
  • Appointments are required.
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